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I surfed the web to bring you some legal downloads but what’s illegal nowadays. I read that the “underground network” was raided by the FBI. Seems strange to picture the FBI barging into my house to put a stop to sharing music. Anyway I’m safe today as these come from the artists or labels websites.

I wanted to post some songs from my Brooks Williams cd’s but now I don’t have to as two songs are available from his website. I don’t know much about Brooks Williams except that I have nearly every cd he’s produced (5-6). He is hugely respected in the acoustic guitar player world. But I appreciate his songs and vocals even more. His newest record Nectar is his best so far. From Nectar the song “May You Never”: [Download]

Here’s an acoustic number called “Belfast Blues” from Little Lion: [Download]

Also available online today are some considerably older songs from Big Star and Galaxie 500. Everyone from the Posies to the REM have cited Big Star as a seminal influence but sadly few have actually heard Big Star. They only put out like two and half records in their day and for a long time those were hard to come by. Now Ryko has put together a compilation and others have rereleased the albums on disc. “September Girls” was never their best song but it was a s close as they came to a hit. Alex Chilton founded Big Star and went on to produce some sketchy solo records and gain fame as a title to a Replacements song. Anyway here’s September Girls (it’s in Real Audio is that a problem for anyone?)

A little more recent but still a reminiscing for me are these two songs from Galaxie 500. These guys were the original lo-fi band. Playing around New Jersey around the time I was in college (1987) Galaxie 500 was the leader of the pack of bands playing at the time (including you La Tengo, The Feelies, Tiny Lights). Formed in Boston at MIT or Harvard they immediately were a hit in the UK and on collge radio. Their moody strumming sound is definitely similar to the Velvet Underground but their ambiguous stream of consciousness lyrics are not. The best song I remember from them was Tugboat (I think it was about a Tugboat?!)

Here’s Blue Thunder

And Maracas Song

For more on Galaxie 500 and to buy title from their catalog click below:

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