A hit song that wasn’t!?

Greg Trooper is another one of these artists floating below the radar. For whatever reason he’s not on the a-list of singer-songwriters, at least he wasn’t on my list until Floating. On his 2003 release floating he emerged from his typical singer-songwriterness to an album that eclipses that genre and it’s at times wishy-washy sound and production. Floating is more of a complete album with a more muscular sound and more dynamic instrumentation than his work in the past. When Dar Williams (or even Bob Dylan back in the day) attempted this they were scorned by some in the folk world but for Greg Trooper this is the best he’s ever sounded. Track 1 is called “The Road So Long” and it’s the perfect driving song, if you’re not singing along to the chorus after a listen or two you can get your money back. Track 5 is called “Hummingbird” and as near as I can tell it’s about a father that had to stop playing his guitar and grow up (The Hummingbird was a guitar released by Gibson in 1960 go here for more info) Gibson Hummingbird info

The Road So Long


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