Not the better half (but pretty great none the less)

Most Uncle Tupelo fans know that the bands two main singers and songwriters were Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy. Since the surprise ascension of Wilco (led by Jeff Tweedy) it seems that Jay Farrar has been somewhat left behind. But he continues to release excellent albums highlighted by his trademark singing style. Here are three songs available for download on his website. “Out On The Road” is from 2003 Terroir Blues. “Damn Shame” is from a 2002 ep and V”oodoo Candle” from 2001′s Sebastopol.

OutOnTheRoad [Download]

damn shame [Download]

voodoo candle [Download]

One Response to “Not the better half (but pretty great none the less)”

  1. Shyguy says:

    I just picked up a Jay Farrar album from the second hand store, “Stone, Steel & Bright Lights”. I might have to say that he could be the better half. This is one of my favorite live cd’s. It also has a bonus dvd along with it.