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The next week or so will feature singers who are married to other singers (or performaers). It will feature Victoria Williams (has been married to two singers), Lyle Lovett, Iris Dement, Ben Lee and maybe more if people add suggestions to the comments page.

Victoria Williams was married to singer Peter Case for 6 years in the 80′s. It’s not too surprising since there is a similarity in the music that they both create. Victoria Williams is an unusual singer for many reasons. Her delivery is very unique and her content matter is often unusual (nature, dogs, friends who have passed away). Even though I’m a big fan sometimes I find her style too hard to listen to. Victoria was diagnosed with M.S. late in life and has been suffering from it ever since. She moved to the desert hoping that would help, the first Sweet Relief album was for her, with all of the proceeds going towards her health care costs. She continues to tour and perform with The Creekdippers (with Mark Olson formerly of the Jayhawks). Here’s a couple of songs from her 1990 release Swing The Statue and a couple from her ’94 disc Loose.

Swing The Statue

Why Look At The Moon

TarBelly ANd Featherfoot

When Harry Went To Heaven


When We Sing Together

Happy To Have Known Pappy

Peter Case is one of America’s great songwriters. He was a member of both The Nerves and The Plimsouls. When The Plimsould broke up he went in a different direction and became a singer-songwriter intent on telling story’s often inspired by his hobolike lifestyle. Here’s one song each from three Peter Case solo records:

Never Comin’ Home

A Little Wind Could Blow Me Away

If You’ve Got a Light To Shine

3 Responses to “The Concept Blog – Married Singers”

  1. Alan Williamson says:

    it’s nice to see peter case, i’d pretty much forgotten him. thanks

  2. Alan Williamson says:

    for married couples, try viva voce, they’ve put out some good stuff.

  3. Anonymous says:

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