The Feelies

I was mentioning The Feelies to someone yesterday so I decided to dig out my Feelies cd’s from the late 80′s. I think of The Feelies as part of the seminal late 80′s scene in NY/NJ, their contemporaries were The Fleshtones, Galaxie 500 and Tiny Lights. The Feelies played fast and loud taking the energy of punk but redirecting it into nerdy rock. The Feelies were pretty influential in the late 80′s they originally signed to Stiff Records in 1980, their debut was released on cd by a German label then they signed to Coyote Records (distributed by Twin/Tone) and then Coyote was distributed by A&M Records. They were one of the first bands that we deemed hip that signed to a major label. I’ve got some songs from Crazy Rhythms and from their A&M debut Only Life.

It’s Only Life

For Awile

The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness

Everybody’s Got Something To hide (Except For Me And My Monkey)

2 Responses to “The Feelies”

  1. itsmatt says:

    whats the best tiny lights record?

  2. Craig says:

    See the Tiny Lights post, seems to love several other of their discs