Tiny Lights Question

The best Tiny Lights record by far is their release on Gaia Records entitled Hazels Wreath. Tiny Lights was kind of a pyschadelic folk rock band from NJ. They actually had Jane Scarpantoni on cello who has since been featured on ebery single indie rock record needing cello. One of the best things about the band was that before you saw them at Maxwells the lead singer could be your waitress in the front room. This was almost as good as buying wine from the guy from the Mekons at Elston Wine Discount in Chicago. Good luck finding the cd it seems out of print. Here are some great songs from that disc:

Around It Goes Around

Green Instead

Colors and The Light

2 Responses to “Tiny Lights Question”

  1. Alan Williamson says:

    hey – i’m enjoying the music you’ve been posting, keep it up.


  2. Craig says:

    thanks ditto, can you link me up when you get a chance?