Upping The Ante w/Giant Sand (in two parts)

If you knew anything about me you’d know I love Giant Sand. Early tunefull Giant Sand, middle period experimental Giant Sand and late period noisy Giant Sand. I love Howe Gelb solo records and Giant Sand’s rythm section spinoff discs (Calexico). There are so many great or interesting or challenging songs, ballads, rockers, duets with his wife or daughter, slow country, instrumentals and blues that this post will be in at least two parts. The first part is early Giant Sand 84-88 or so. The first two tracks are taken from a Homestead Records (Sonic Youth, Big Black, Nick Cave, Big Dipper, The Chills, Beat Happening etc) release called The Love Songs from ’88 (if you were alive and buying music in 1988 you know that Homestead was the label).

Wearing The Robes Of The Bible Black

Mountain of Love

The next two are from a best of disc on Demon Records put out in ’89. But the two songs below are from ’85. These early songs are Giant Sand’s most accessable, later period Giant Sand got a lot more eclectic sounding and difficult to immediately grasp. Like many great American bands often it took a European label to truly appreciate the talent that they possessed. Giant sand is no exception and you can find many early releases on European imprints.

Down On town/Love’s No Answer

Valley of Rain

2 Responses to “Upping The Ante w/Giant Sand (in two parts)”

  1. Alexander says:

    thanks for the giant sand mp3s. i am a big fan of howe gelb’s music. someone who stands for intelligent unpredictable music. a genius. my fave albums are chore of enchanment and center of the universe. very different albums. chore is for the guitar freak rainer ptacek who died much too young. melodic and and a commemoration if there ever was one. center is a tour de force in neil young noisy guitar fashion with the touch of howe’s eccentricism. difficult to digest but once you have digested it an absolute jewel. crazy but indispensable.

  2. Craig says:

    I have chore of enchantment I bought a promo only copy in london of all places (at Rough Trade Records). it was released on V2 (Virgin?) over there and I think it was going to be released on a major on this side of the pond until they actually listened to it. I’ll be posting from that and Swerve (my favorite Giant Sand release)