Chris Stamey has been busy this year

Chris Stamey has typically been good for a record a decade. This usually means they are pop masterpieces, it also means the songs are usually choice. Finally it makes it easier to keep up with him and not miss out on his records (you only have 3/4 since 1987). That all may be changing as this year sees Chris Stamey with two releases available (or soon to be). His new full length is called Travels In The South and is available on Yep Roc Records. It’s been hailed in Stereopnile (as the recording of the month), the New York Times and the London Times. Here then are two songs from Travels In The South as well as a bit of a career retrospective.


In Spanish Harlem

The Company Of Light

Something Came Over Me

Glorious Delusion

The Brakeman’s Consolation

From The Word Go

When We’re alone

27 Years In A Single Day

I Know You Will


2 Responses to “Chris Stamey has been busy this year”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey, I did a post on Chris Stamey the other day, with another song from Travels in the South and a live song from way back in the dB’s days. Thanks for the older stuff here! What’s the other new recording this year?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I sure wish someone would post “The Child in You” for sampling purposes. That’s a gem.