Dumptruck – A Cautionary Tale

Dumptruck was one of the great bands from the 80′s but also one of the most cursed. This Boston band released three outstanding records and at the end of the day were sued by their label for the return of advances and wouldn’t allow them to sign with another label or to even tour under the band name. Dumptruck was successful in mingling the sounds of early alt-country with jangly pop. Their peak may have come with the release of for the country in 1987. Apparently Ryko has reissued these albums and added bonus tracks and rarities. Positively Dumptruck is the name of their second release and I’ve added songs from that as well. This is the last of the posts based on the ad below for TT and the Bear in Boston some week in the late 80′s, what a week sometimes it’d be nice if we could go back intime and experience some of what is lost.

From for the country



Going Nowhere

For The Country

From Positively Dumptruck

Back Where I Belong


Seven Steps Up


2 Responses to “Dumptruck – A Cautionary Tale”

  1. bigrockcandymountain says:

    ok,i’m a liar…i just sent you an email saying everthing looked fine,and…now the dumptruck post is in small italic type…whoops. i’m on a pc using a yahoo browser. i’ll try explorer. It might still not be you, it might be blogspot.

  2. Sue says:

    I loved dumptruck; didn’t understand why I could not find it thanks for the writings.