Jimmy Buffet’s Favorite Singer

This is not the highest honor a singer can receive in fact I imagine lots of singers would go out of their way to avoid this honor. Well whether he liked it or not Todd Snider was the recipient of this award when he was “discovered” and signed to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Records. Fortunately for Todd Snider he has other famous fans and has since signed to John Prine’s Oh Boy Records. One of the knocks against Todd Snider is that at times he can be too clever, it’s a criticism I just don’t get. Decide for yourself if this roots rocker is too clever by downloading 3 songs from Songs From The Daily Planet and Happy To Be Here:


My Generation

Alright Guy

Joe’s Blues


Happy To Be Here

Long Year

DB Cooper

DB Cooper is one of those great songs where you actually learn something while being entertained as DB Cooper was a real person who hijacked a plane and then disappeared.

One Response to “Jimmy Buffet’s Favorite Singer”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Too clever for his own good? That’s laughable. In an age of clear channal, pop sensations and Ashley Simpson’s “Milli Vanilli” moment on SNL, it’s refreshing to stumble on to this site and find such pleasurable music. The artist has found a new fan and this blog has just been bookmarked!

    Thatnks for the awesome heads up! “I think you’re an alright guy!”