Legendary Shack*Shakers and The Saps Chicago Show Preview

Just a quick note to tell you about tonight’s show at Double Door in Chicago. It’s going to be a wild time with two well matched bands. The Saps open up. Chicago band The Saps describe themselves on their website as “country punk fucking rock music”. From what I’ve heard thats an apt description. Meanwhile it would seem that the Legendary Shack*Shakers follow the same coda. Apparently they have one of the best live shows known to man mixing music with wild antics. Colonol JD Wilkes is the lead singer/preacher in the band and he has been voted best front man by the Nashville Scene. I’ll be at the show and I’m looking forward to whatever corn liquor fueled antics these two bands will come up with.

Here’s two from the Saps:

Banned For Life [Download]

Don Henley Is A Fucking Joke [Download]

Here’s one from the ne Legendary Shack*Shakers:

Agony Wagon

I’ll do a full review with more songs tomorrow. See you at the show.

5 Responses to “Legendary Shack*Shakers and The Saps Chicago Show Preview”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have fun at the show. They are in Milwaukee tomorrow night performing with a local outfit called the Chop Top Toronados. The Chop Tops describe themselves as “Brew City Psycho Country Punk”.
    Let us know how the show was.
    Also, I am really enjoying your blog.

  2. itsmatt says:

    had the pleasure of playing nashville a few times w/ legendary shack shakers, and then ran into joe buck playing w/ hank williams 3rd @ bb king’s in nyc last year. those guys are f’in brilliant musicians with great stories to tell. super nice too, not to shatter their onstage personae or nuthin.

  3. blues_bob says:

    I’m going to be seeing them for the first time this November. (L.A.) I can’t wait, their albums are dynamite!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I went to high school with Paul Simmons (or Pauly Simmonz as he’s now known at almost the age of 40). He is (or maybe was) the drummer for the Shack Shakers. Dude could flat-out rock the skins at the age of 14. Now as his age is almost the inverse of those digits, I understand his skills have only gotten better with age. In early 90s, he and his brothers were in a metal band called The Stand. They released an EP and sold it mainly here in Nashville. They broke up but then later reformed simply as Simmonz. I think I read recently where he may have left LSS and gone back to Simmonz.

  5. Angie and Pam says:

    Reminiscence of the good ole days. we used to party just good friends with Mike, Paul and Jamie Simmons along with a slew of other characters, My sister and I moved to FL. Glad to hear their
    still in the music scene Rock on Guys!
    Clearwater, Fl.