Reckless Records Score and More From Ox

So as I was saying I scored at Reckless with an 11cd for $11.88 take. I’ll probably give away half of the discs but at least two were outstanding. The first which I’ve already written about was the Canadian band Ox. The second is an unknown band called as the Nourallah Bothers. They are just that, brothers who reside in Texas, making finely tuned pop music with an ever so slight texas twang. They’ve posted three songs from their debut record on their website so here you go:

Those Days Are Gone [Download]

I’ll be Around [Download]

Missing You [Download]

So I’m not over my Ox fixation in fact now I’m on to the spinoff bands. An important member of Ox is a guy named Chon. He produced a record by Radiogram that is primarily the work of singer-songwriter Ken Beattie. It mixes all the prerequisite elements to make it on my best of list: pedal steel, banjo, rhodes piano, country, pop ambiance some art rock and Chamber music. The first two are from their debut Unbetween. The second two from the new release All The way Home.

Lost In The Park [Download]

Fault Lines [Download]

Summer Song Summer [Download]

Buy The Farm [Download]

One Response to “Reckless Records Score and More From Ox”

  1. Peter says:

    Hey Craig. Some great music here, I see that I’ll be wasting more of my work time trying to listen to as much as possible. Dig your site, thanks for linking to me.