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I bought the new disc Jimson Weed by Nathan after downloading two songs from a Canadian blogger (I forget who, sorry). I really think there are lots of other music fans who are using mp3 blogs to sample music before they buy. If you like these four songs from Nathan than please buy the disc. There’s a great description of their music on the Nathan website “If David Lynch had directed ‘O Brother Where Art Tho?’ Nathan’s Music would be the soundtrack.” This is Americana that is just slighltly offkilter. Go to Miles Of Music or any other online/offline store to pick up Jimson Weed and prove the RIAA wrong.

Sunset Chaser

I Left My Station

Jimson Weed

Big Galoot

One Response to “RIAA Click Here”

  1. blues_bob says:

    Great album!! A good comparison might be The Meat Purveyors. Fantastic, slightly twisted, folk-bluegrass.