Varnaline – The Arcade Fire Of Their Day

Varnaline was the band that was on everyone’s mind when they burst (or slithered) onto the scene in 1996. They were immediately classified as Alt-country but apparently Anders Parker the lead singer/writer had been in an indie rock band called Space Needle. Varnaline put out 3 records on Zero Hour before they webt bust and one on Stever Earle’s label before that went bust. So luck was not really on their side. They broke up after that last disc but Anders Parker continues to use the Varnaline name.

Allmusic gives each and every record by Varnaline 4 stars. Reviewers love them. And the main thing is this is accessible yet challenging rock. Here is a sampling of each of the 4 records that are now available re-issued by the band and available here (3 for $36 and an ep thrown in free).

Only One

Bar Dust [Download]

From Man Of Sin

The Hammer Goes Down [Download]

lbs [Download]

From Varnaline

Lights [Download]

From Sweet Life

Gulf Of Mexico [Download]

From Songs In A Northern Key

Song [Download]

3 Responses to “Varnaline – The Arcade Fire Of Their Day”

  1. Dave says:

    great band, thanks for the tracks!

  2. Alan Williamson says:

    hey craig – i’ve been into these guys for a while. i love indian summer takedown and blackbird fields. thanks for the tracks, i may post some tracks by this band also in the coming weeks.

  3. Alan Williamson says:

    uh, i know i said i might post something on these guys in the coming weeks, how about the coming minutes. i linked your post in my post.