A God Damned Twangy Week Continues…

Well it seems like it’s gonna be a twangy week or so and on top of that it’s going to be all Gospel. Go figure! The Iris Dement new release Lifelines has inspired me, not to worship, but to proslethize a little bit of the benefits of gospel. In that Iris Dement post I mentioned Johnny Cash and now that my vinyl is accessible to me I can share with you his 1959 record Hymns By Johnny Cash.

In The mid 50′s apparently this was the music Johnny Cash first wanted to record for Sun Records but Sam Phillips convinced Cash to wait. As the decade was coming to an end he got his chance and recorded this record for Columbia. There is a cd reissue of this or you can probably find the vinyl used somewhere. To download right click and change the file name to whatever you want and add .mp3 (any problems please leave a comment)

It Was Jesus

The Old Account

Swing Low Sweet chariot

Johnny Cash revisited the hymnal with the excellent My Mother’s Hymn Book on American Records. Here’s some songs from that under-appreciated release.

I Shall Not Be Moved

I Am A Pilgrim

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

When He Reached Down

PS This post goes out to my comrades in arm at Bigrockcandymountain, lonesomemusic, and honey,whereyoubeensolong? just cause I think they’ll like it and if you want to hear more great music you should check them out

2 Responses to “A God Damned Twangy Week Continues…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I must say I’ve never really been able to get into the whole “gospel” aspect/genre/area of Americana. But I’ve really enjoyed your last couple of posts. It’s given me an appreciation. Thanks very much.

    Also Rex Aquarium is really good. How is that I’ve never seen or heard of these guys in SF?!?! They hiding out?


  2. Craig says:

    I found rex aquarium on another californian bads link page all these bands seemed to be linking to one another and I was liking all of them – may have to do a left coast week soon