Cub Country – Another Web Gem

These guys are coming to Schubas in Chicago on Dec. 7 and if it’s not 50 degrees below and if my toddler son slept through the night the day before I’ll be there. Cub Country is Jeremy Chatelain the bassist from Jets To Brazil and his assorted friends and troublemakers. They’re touring on their own and with Maplewood (whom I heard first on Lonesome Music). The music is surprising in a way coming from a member of JTB but I guess that says something about why I love that band – they’re full of surprises.


Their newest release Stay Poor, Stay Happy was released on September 28 2004 on Future Farmer Records and their are two downloads online. Their debut was put out by Jets To Brazil’s label Jade Tree and there are two downloads from that release as well.

The Salt Islands [Download]

Missed The Train [Download]

St Louis [Download]

High Vinta High [Download]

2 Responses to “Cub Country – Another Web Gem”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great. You’ve wasted my entire AM. First I listen to Cub (I’m a big JTB fan but had never heard of CC), then Maplewood, Maplewood leads me to a band called King of France which is really cool, which leads me to a guy named Peter Salett, which leads me to the realization that I haven’t done anything in 3 and a half hours.



  2. Craig says:

    glad to be of assistance ;)