Goodbye Luna

Luna’s been getting lots of press (both blogger and mainstream) for it’s farewell tour. They just came through Chicago and had previews and reviews up the wazoo. It’s nice to see the band that Galaxie 500 was to become receive such enthusiastic praise. I found an English website with all sorts of Luna, Galaxie 500 and Dean Wareham nuggets (even a Velvet Underground tune) and can now share it with all of you. Let’s hope Dean and company will continue to perform/record in some form in the near future.

Galaxie 500 –
Here She Comes Now [Download]

Luna –
Only Women Bleed [Download]

Dean Wareham –
Crazy People demo from 1991 [Download]

And of course everyone’s favorite

Galaxie 500 –

Tugboat (live in London) [Download]

And in honor of a new record from Mercury Rev here’s their version of

Tugboat [Download]

One Response to “Goodbye Luna”

  1. erik says:

    I love Galaxie 500 but never got into Luna. Thanks for the Wareham nuggets it was great. Dont forget Damon & Naomi as well.