Moviola and friends

Found the Columbus, Ohio band Moviola through a No Depression magazine review. They’ve been together 10 years , put out six records and done split singles with everyone from The Handsome Family to Cobra Verde.

Their website describes them as playing “dusty country-through-a-space-echo, folk soul and adult lullabyes.” This is a very accurate description and places them firmly in my territory. Their new record is called East Of Eager on Anyway Records. Here’s a song from that new one and a couple from the back catalog.

Kew Garden Hills [Download]

John Butler Train [Download]

There’s A Hole In the Aviary [Download]

Turns out Jake Housh from Moviola is in another band with his brother Josh called Catalpa Boys, they’re also on Anyway Records and also have a song or two to sample.

No Word [Download]

Stained Glass [Download]

Josh House is in a third band, a San Francisco band called Our Lady Of The Highway with one record out and a second waiting to find a label. They’ve been named Best Rock Band for 2004 by The East Bay Express. Any record execs out there should listen to these songs from their finished yet unreleased record:

Duet [Download]

These Roads [Download]

Here’s two from their debut About Leaving avaialbale on their website for $10.

Canyon Song [Download]

Elegant [Download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m really glad you featured Catalpa Boys and Our Lady. I’m really good friends with Josh and Dominic (singer songwriter for Our Lady). I blogged about Our Lady way back. Just criminal that these guys don’t have a deal for record #2. If you’re interested I can get you a couple of tracks from their upcoming record “Beauty won’t save us this year”, it’s really good. More poppy and uptempo than About Leaving and a little less alt-country but still really strong.