Worldwide MP3Blogger Exclusive – Tracks from Allsion Krauss’ Upcoming Release

I could be wrong but I think I beat the indie rock, dj and hip-hop mp3 bloggers with these exclusive tracks from Allison Krauss And Union Station’s upcoming release Lonely Runs Both Ways due out Nov. 23. I guess it helps that none of them would care for this release and besides even in a very small bluegrass community there is no hype building for this release. Unlike the indie rock world hype is anthema (isn’t that a word?) to many of these smaller music genres. This is despite the fact that Allsion Krauss is one of the best selling bluegrass artists ever and has one of the most beautiful voices, plays stellar fiddle and was the involved in the biggest music phenomina of the 90′s with her contributions to the soundtrack of O’ Brother Where Art Thou .

Too bad really because she and her band have created another winner. Here’s a couple songs featuring Allison Krauss or Dan Tyminski (singer of “Man of Constant Sorrow” from O’ Brother). Restless is the first single.


Rain Please Go Away

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5 Responses to “Worldwide MP3Blogger Exclusive – Tracks from Allsion Krauss’ Upcoming Release”

  1. Jeff Singer says:

    It’s “anathema”, but you used the word correctly.

    Is Krauss married to Elvis Costello? Or am I thinking of someone else?

    - Singer

  2. Greg says:

    Thank you! Beautiful as one would expect from Allison & the boys.

    Jeff: Diana Krall is maried to Elvis C. Similar name, different music style, also good to listen to.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey jeff didn’t know you still checked in – thanks for the help I was darn close

    Paul thanks for checking in

  4. guanoboy says:

    but that’s what makes your site so good…you don’t have the stuff everyone else does and you’ve got a definite vibe/feel going on…

    keep up the good work!

  5. homercat says:

    wonderful, thanks for this post. Enjoyed your blog.