Criminally Underappreciated – Kate Jacobs

Kate Jacobs is one of America’s great songwriters. Her themes have been fairly consistent through the years but they are powerfull ones. The loss of the rural american lifestyle and family farms and the importance of family have been her two great causes. While simple this territory gives her a lot of room to grow and dig deep into the material. She has recorded three records for Hoboken label Bar/None

Her new 2004 disc is called You Call That Dark and features these same themes and a few new ones. It was produced by Dave Schramm, who also played guitars, organ, gut-string dobro, harmonium and other instruments.

Here’s 3 from You Call That Dark (rename each song and add .mp3)

Your Big Sister

Pete’s Gonna Sell

Life Can Be Sweet

Dave Schramm is part of the excellent roots band The Schramms. Here’s some album cuts from some of their releases.

Sister Rose [Download]

Wild season [Download]

Nine Years [Download]

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One Response to “Criminally Underappreciated – Kate Jacobs”

  1. woodsmeister says:

    Kate Jacobs is indeed one of the great underappreciated singer/songwriters of the US, and Dave Schramm is one of the best guitarists that most people have never heard of. Anyone that takes Emily Dickinson poems and puts them to popular music is OK in my book.

    My Internet radio station, the Online Folk Festival ( is one of the few places anywhere that one can hear both Kate and the Schramms.