Exclusive first listen to The Duhks

If it wasn’t for Canadian bands/labels/blogs this year would have been a total bummer. Bands like Nathan, Ox, and now The Duhks have kept my spirits high. Labels like Secretly Canadian, Nettwerk and others have been releasing great music and bloggers like 10:51 AM Toronto and Sixeyes continually deliver the goods. Now The Duhks have enterred my world and much like Ollabelle before them they have taken traditional sounds and styles and made them fresh. Check out the picture and you’ll see what I mean, this band from Winnipeg, Ontario, mixes ethnicities as easily as they combine styles like celtic, appalachian and French-Canadian folk music.


This release, their second, comes out on Sugar Hill Records Febuary on Feb 8, 2005 and once again I’m sure I have the blogging exclusive (that’s not saying much I know, it isn’t U2 or anything but that’s ok). Two songs from The Duhks their self-titled debut on Sugar hill produced by Bela Fleck.

To download right click and change the file name to whatever you want .mp3 (any problems please leave a comment)

Death Came A Knockin’

True Religion

And here’s three songs from their website from their debut record available now on CD Baby called Your Daughters And Your Sons.

The Green Fields Of Glentown [Download]

Giullano’s Tune [Download]

The Leather Winged Bat [Download]

2 Responses to “Exclusive first listen to The Duhks”

  1. Jesse says:

    Awesome. Thanks for introducing me to these guys. I’m buying this one as soon as it comes out.

  2. Alan Williamson says:

    hey craig, thanks for saying such nice things about sixeyes, fantastic of you to do that. i have to tell you that songs:illinois is invaluable because of the type of music you concentrate on. much of which is overlooked by most bloggers. it’s probably your age and mine (i got at least a handful of years on you) that helps colour the types of songs and music we put up on our blogs. like most i fail to leave comments, even after practically begging for them on my own page, so thank you for the comment and for the great music.
    songs:illinois is an original.