Finally finishing up my one and only request

My one and only request so far was from John in Milwaukee who asked for The Coalmen and Bob Delevante. I managed to find The Coalmen and actually had all of the records from Bob’s previous band (The Delevante Brothers) but not his solo record that was requested. Well after much fanfare and patient waiting by the many songs:illinois readers here are two tracks from Bob Delevante’s Solo 1999 debut Porchlight. Bob sent it to me just today with a nice handwritten note, this release has lived up to my expectation and the fair amount of work it took to track it down.


1000 Miles To Go


On an unrelated note I’m still getting over the fact that grapejuiceplus beat me to the punch with The Balancing Act. He selected two great songs so check him out. And check out the other links in my sidebar.

One Response to “Finally finishing up my one and only request”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the follow-up post.
    I saw Dave Coleman and Bob Delevante appear together and they put on a fabulous show. I bought each of their albums after the show and they are really good.
    Well, my Bloodshot order (Nora O’Connor and The Wanda Jackson Tribute) just came in the mail, so I am off to listen, but thanks for all of the great posts.
    Happy Holidays,
    John (from Milw)