Guy Clark

It’s fitting to follow up Townes with a post by his good friend Guy Clark. Along with Jerry Jeff Walker these three came up together in the Houston scene in the the ’60′s. Guy Clark is much like many songwriters in that his songs have had more success than he has. While his versions of his songs are worderfull often it takes the star power of another artist to bring his songs to the masses. “Desperados Waiting for a Train” has been recorded by Kris Kistofferson, Nancy Griffith, and Jerry Jeff Walker. Here’s two of those classic cuts; “Old Friends” a duet with Emmylou Harris and “Randall Knife” a very touching song about his father:

Old Friends

Randall Knife


Considering Guy Clark’s been at it so long you might think his talents would have dwindled but his last two records on Sugarhill are as great as his early work. Here’s three from his most recent cd, 2002′s The Dark.

Arizona Star

Soldier’s Joy, 1964

And his late friends song - Rex’s Blues (Townes Van Zandt)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks….Great choice in Guy Clark! His new songs are a pleasue. I wasn’t aware of his new cd. I will check it out. How about some Jerry Jeff Walker, Flatlanders, Joe Ely……
    Thanks, Emort

  2. Craig says:

    soon on flatlanders and joe ely; thanks for checking in