Housekeeping And A Few Good Links

I’ve been contacted by a number of artists about putting their music up on my blog. I’ve been too busy to write something about each artist but all of them have something significant to say musically (even the instrumental recordings of Luke Janela). So without futher ado here are some very independent minded artists who are struggling to get their music heard.

Luke Janela

Combustibles [Download]

Make Me Stay [Download]

Old3C Records checked in and said hello. They’ve got streaming mp3′s available on their site and feature artists like Great Plains (the seminal rock group from the 80’3 to be featured here soon) and Log.

Another reader wrote in and suggested I check out C. Duck Anderson and Nate Richert. They’ve got a website where you can preview tracks off their new album Tone Control.

Also Chris Price wrote in with a pointer to a free mp3 from his soon to be released EP. check it out here.

Someone else wrote in suggesting I check out Our Lady Of The Highway, I did and now you should too.

Canyon Song [Download]

Elegant [Download]

Brown Dress [Download]

These guys have an album waiting to be released so all you label types check them out. Here’s a song from the forthcoming album Beauty Won’t Save Us called Duet that sounds very promising…

Duet [Download]

3 Responses to “Housekeeping And A Few Good Links”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Craig — just FYI, the Chris Price link doesn’t seem to work. Thanks for all your great music leads. — MindyB

  2. Anonymous says:

    Following the links on the C. Duck Anderson and Nate Richert. website i found the Joe Purdy site check out the song “Mary May & Bobby” its a nice tune.


  3. bakinakwa says:

    Ah, this is a band I’ve been meaning to check out for a while. Thanks for sharing these craig.