I was about as a big a 10,000 Maniacs fan as you could find

However I haven’t religouselly followed the various members careers and of course haven’t kept up with the band once Natalie Merchant split. I still like what I’d heard from Natalie Merchant but was never overwhelmed. The Housecarpenter’s Daughter changed all that. This 2003 release came as a complete surprise as Natalie returned to her folksinger roots. She covered various traditional tunes and hymns. These are true folk songs that deal with worker strife, spiritual issues and of course death and dying.


The first three songs deal with all of these issues and others. Here they are:

To download right click and change the file name to whatever you want .mp3 (any problems please leave a comment)

Sally ann

Which Side Are you On?

Crazy Man Michael

3 Responses to “I was about as a big a 10,000 Maniacs fan as you could find”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know I didn’t pay any attention to this album and these songs are really good. I was a huge Maniacs fan in college and also stopped paying attention when Merchant left. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks.


  2. R. Piggy says:

    Are you fat? Or tall? Or both? What made you so big?

  3. Craig says:

    typos and misspellings are going to continue to be a quaint feature of this site. am glad you enjoy them; don’t forget to mention the horribly misspelled “religously”