Different Song, Same Title Theme!? (13 songs by Boo Hewerdine, The Bible, Dramarama or John Easdale)

The first of the “same song title, different song” series is “Last Cigarette” by Boo Hewerdine and Dramarama. Boo Hewerdine was the lead singer of the British band The Bible. My impression of The Bible is that they were a precursor to bands like James, Oasis and others. I first came upon Boo with a duet record he did with Darden Smith called Evidence. It was a strange, beautiful record thematically focusing on the southwestern United States but sung by an Englishman and an Austinite.


Dramarama had a semi-hit with “Anything, Anything” and then achieved some fame and glory as one of the bands on last seasons Bands Reunited on VH1 (don’t you just love that show). Here’s both of their song “Last Cigarette”.


Last Cigarette Boo Hewerdine

Last Cigarette Dramarama

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Bonus Songs:

Boo Hewerdine Baptist Hotel

Baptist Hospital

Song For a Friend

Boo Hewerdine and Darden Smith Evidence

Evidence [Download]

Bell, Book And Candle [Download]
(a truly beautiful song!)

I Can’t Believe My Eyes [Download]
(a new song from Boo only available online)

The Bible (Boo Hewerdine’s first band)

Crystal Palace [Download]
(I think this was their minor hit)

Red Flag [Download]

Bonus Songs Dramarama Stuck In Wonderamaland


70′s TV

California Uber Alles [Download]
(new song from John Easdale, lead singer of Dramarama)

Everybody Dies [Download]
(another new song from John Easdale)

4 Responses to “Different Song, Same Title Theme!? (13 songs by Boo Hewerdine, The Bible, Dramarama or John Easdale)”

  1. woodsmeister says:

    Boo Hewerdine has written or co-written most of Eddi Reader’s recent recorded originals, including most of the Simple Soul and Angels & Electricity CDs. Typically, Boo backs Eddi as part of her band when she performs, and Kufala Records (http://www.kufala.com/) released four concerts from her most recent band tour, at least one of which (I forget which one) features Boo Hewerdine singing one of his own songs.

    Boo Hewerdine has also done some writing with Bill DeMain of Swan Dive (http://www.swandive.org/), a group worth checking out if you like pure pop music with a bit of a retro feel. Swan Dive is huge in Japan, but somehow has never managed to make it in the US.

  2. Peter says:

    I’ve been a huge bible fan for a long while. They have a song called “Graceland’ on their first album that’s absolutely pop perfection. Thanks for the post.


  3. Pat says:

    Boo Hewerdine’s “Last Cigarette” was covered by k.d. lang on her “Drag” album, so some well-deserved royalties for Boo and his co-writers Gary Clark and Neil l MacColl. Gary Clark was in Danny Wilson. He was also in King L with Neill, who was in the Bible with Boo. King L’s only record, “Great Day For Gravity”, is well worth tracking down. It has “Last Cigarette” as a hidden track.
    Is it a coincidence that you posted the Dramarama track on Sunday, with the line, “You don’t have to hear the headlines, you can hear what Johnny Carson said” ?

  4. Craig says:

    just chance I’m not that good but thanks for pointing it out and for the bible info. i forgot to tell my bible lp story in the post. so here goes I was on a walk with my family around oak park and saw a crate of records on the curb outside a huge house. there was great suff in there and I took most of it home. I was pleasantly surprised to find a personalized and signed copy of a bible record autographed by Boo