mic harrison (from the VRoys and Superdrag)

As far as I van tell Mic Harrison has played with the Vroys and Superdrag. His 2004 release is on Valley and his website links to two songs that showcase his full band alt-country sound. Guests on this record include Todd Steed from that Nashville Tells project and Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices. Click here to purchase Pallbearers Shoes.


Something To Let You Down [Download]

River City Bluff [Download]

Hole In My Heart [Download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a note — if you enjoy this songs be sure to check out Mic’s other solo album Don’t Bail. It’s more acoustic, singer-songwriter stuff but cool. But perhaps just as good as Pallbearer’s Shoes is the album Mic recorded with the Faults. It’s true power-pop gem with some really terrific tunes. “Dishonest Jenny” might be one of my favorite songs in the last year. I you enjoyed any of Mic’s songs off the V-Roys record (“Amy 88″ is one) you need to check out this album.