Some French Music By Coralie Clement (exclusive)

Coralie Clement made a splash in 2002 with the release of her debut record Salle Des OPas Purdue now she’s back in 2005 with her followup Bye Bye Beaute. I know next to nothing about french music so maybe La Blogotheque or David F can fill you in more. Her bio and refer to french singers I’ve never heard as a reference. There aren’t many American singers or many in popular culture that you can compare her breathy vocals with. I could say Madeline Peyroux or maybe even Patricia Barber but I’m not sure if that’s even close.


Here’s a first listen to 3 tracks from her 2005 release due out in Febuary 2005 on Nettwerk America.




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2 Responses to “Some French Music By Coralie Clement (exclusive)”

  1. david f says:

    yeah, i’m french but don’t know much about her except that her voice is great, and that she’s the sister of the very well known Benjamin Biolaydavid

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lovely stuff. I’ll look for it in the stores.


    - b