Bruce Robison – What Would Willie Do?

Bruce comes from a fairly famous Austin family. His brother Charlie Robison is a recording artist in his own right. Bruce Robison is married to the beautiful and talented Kelly Willis and as you can see from the photo below they have twins). His sister-in-law is a member of the Dixie Chicks and her father is producer Lloyd Maines. In fact Bruce Robison wrote the number 1 hit song “Travelin Soldier” for the Dixie Chicks.
Bruce’s last record was Country Sunshine which he put together with his wife. This set of upbeat songs is perfectly represented by the nostalgic cover art. Here’s 3 songs from 2004′s Country Sunshine, including the funny and poignant “What Would Willie Do”.

Can’t Get There From HereBlame It On MeWhat Would Willie Do [Download]

4 Responses to “Bruce Robison – What Would Willie Do?”

  1. countrygrrl says:

    what a fan***tastic blog..just gets better and better. Love your graphics and these awesome tracks. I will be playing these three latest on way to work. really appreciate you sharing your sounds and pics. keep it country…theres a lot of us out here…

  2. hallie says:

    just a little fact check: bruce does have a sister-in-law who is a dixie chick, but its not her father who is lloyd maines…bruce’s brother charlie is married to emily and its her bandmate natalie who is lloyd’s daughter. the third chick, martie, is also emily’s sister.

  3. Craig says:

    thanks for the comments, i knew I’d get something wrong with Bruce’s gnarled family tree thanks for the correction

  4. Pink Armadillo says:

    hey! i’ll add that the Robison’s are actually from Bandera, TX. Charlie and Emily still live in Bandera and Bruce and Kelly live in Austin. They have a sister Robin Ludwig who is also a singer. Her debut record just came out. She opens for the guys a lot.

    i just saw robin and bruce at the bandera cabaret friday night. i love his music! it was a great show.

    bruce wrote “desperately” which was recorded by george strait. george is going to record “wrapped”. bruce announced that at the show. it’s a great song so i’m sure george will take it to number one.

    great blog!