Charlie Parr – The Real Folk Shit (Certified By Greg Brown and Low)

Greg Brown (the high priest of folk music) says that Charlie Parr is just wonderfull and reminds him of Dave Van Ronk (high praise of course). Alan Sparhawk of Low says Charlie Parr is one of the greatest musicians and human beings he knows.


His newest release is called King Earl and came out in the spring of `04; it features Charlie on twelve string guitar, a national resophonic and a banjo, a friend stomps a board and plays the washboard and Christian McShane plays theremin on two tracks. Charlie’s got all sorts of deals if you buy his discs directly from him so check those out here. It’s a mix of traditional songs and some originals; here’s a sampling:

Reverend’s Eviction BluesMule RiderWest Bank 10th Street Rag [Download]

Other releases include 1922 which features the “often requested/much maligned” Jesus At The Kenmore. Here you go:

Jesus At The Kenmore1922 [Download]

3 Responses to “Charlie Parr – The Real Folk Shit (Certified By Greg Brown and Low)”

  1. Nic Dafis says:

    Lovely, thanks for these.

  2. Porter says:

    Check out Ramsay Midwood and his album Shootout at the OK Chinese Restaurant. There’s a couple songs on his site but check that album out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems to be a problem with the “1922″ and “Jesus at the Kenmore” links…