Charlie Parr Update – Tribute to the Anthology of American Folk Music

So it seems people enjoyed the Charlie Parr songs of a few days ago. Hopefully you’ll take him up on his offer and pick up some of his discs. Meanwhile he turns up on a French work in progress compilation on the French non-profit label Hinah (which I now realize is a truly incredible source for great music).
These songs were originally released on the 4 disc set Anthology Of American Folk Music compiled by the now famous Harry Smith between 1927-1940 for Folkways Records. Here’s four songs by Charlie:

Henry LeePeg And AwlMy Name Is John JohannaSpike Driver Blues [Download]

As a bonus here’s two more songs from this compilation one by Dave Decastro and one by the Portland band Everything Is Fine (they’ll get their own full treatment here soon). They both have a decidely different take on how to perform these American folk songs:

Dave Decastro

James Alley Blues [Download]

Everything Is Fine

Little Moses [Download]

One Response to “Charlie Parr Update – Tribute to the Anthology of American Folk Music”

  1. Nick says:


    Everything Is Fine ROCKS!! I have his sticker on my bass.

    I can’t wait to hear more.