Nick Luca (Played with Giant Sand, Neko Case and Evan Dando)

Nick Luca has played with The Sadies, Calexico, Evan Dando and Neko Case. He continues to play and record with Giant Sand. So I’m guessing if you’re still reading this it is up your alley too.
Nick’s two albums seem a little hard to get, his debut Little Town is on Pantherfact Records while their new one, Slow Motion, is only available on the European label In The Sticks.

From Slow Motion

PainRecovery [Download]

From Little Town

Anywhere in America [Download]

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  1. countrygrrl says:

    this is fast becoming my favourite blog the music choice is fan**tastic…must be a mind reader as it usually matches up with my moods….keeo up the fab site and keep it americana countrytacoustic and real. counrygrrl