Preview Kathleen Edwards’ New One – Back To Me

Failer was record of the year for many in 2003. Kathleen Edwards debut disc captured all of the lyricism of Emmylou Harris and the raw power of Lucinda Williams’ rockin’ side. This Canadian from Ottawa suddenly lept to the top of the alt-country heap. Now two years later; on March 1st Kathleen Edwards is releasing her followup entitled Back To Me.


From the first listen it’s clear she has surpassed her much lauded debut. Joining her on disc are Jim Bryson, Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Benmont Trench. They cover Bryson’s song Somewhere Else and Old Time Sake was co-written by Peter Cash of the Cash Brothers. Here’s a preview of this March 1st release on Zoe Records (Rounder).

In State
Pink Emerson Radio
Summer Long

As a bonus here’s a couple from Jim Bryson:

SeattleOne Cigarette [Download]

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  1. countrygrrl says:

    good to see you back