The Gourds

I always liked the Austin Texas based band The Gourds. They never were one of my most played cds and I never have seen them live although I’ve heard great things about their live show. They have a new cd called Blood Of the Ram that came out in the fall of 2004 on Eleven Thirty Records. They have a tendency to be influenced by and create music that runs the gamut from celtic, to blues to zydeco and of course rock.
These four songs from Blood of the Ram pretty much encompass all that is the Gourds. Whether it’s the blues infused Escalade or the Louisiana cajun thing “What I Do For You” these guys know how to have a good time. Compare to the Band, The Radiators, NRBQ or Los Lobos.

Lower 48EscaladeWhat I Do For YouCracklins [Download]

3 Responses to “The Gourds”

  1. Chris says:

    I HAVE seen them live, and can attest to their stage presence. One of those bands equally as good live as recorded, though the songs are not carbon copies of the recorded versions.

    If you are looking for more Gourds – I suggest their album “Bolsa de Agua” as their best to date.

    They also have many bootlegs floating about the Alt-Country web.


  2. countrygrrl says:

    this band really rock and line dance..I havent really heard much of them before, maybe the odd track on the free cd with Uncut magazine, but this is indeed superb. thanx for posting this stuff up , really makes my day

  3. countrygrrl says:

    this will be on my mp3 pronto…thanx a great band