The Guggenheim Grotto – Saturday’s Pleasant Musical Surprise

I had a post all prepared for today and then this mornoing I stumbled upon this Irish band called The Guggenheim Grotto. They’ve got an ep out from 2003 called A Lifetime In Heat, Damien Rice has called the title track genius and had it in high rotation on his iPod. Steve Wickham from The Waterboys called it one of the best cd’s of 2003. And until just recently they were scheduled to tour with Mark Geary (but that’s been cancelled).
The Guggengheim Grotto are working on their debut full length and hopefully when it comes out in March you’ll hear it here first. Here’s 4 songs from that EP (download times could be slow from their website but I had no problem)

A Lifetime In HeatPortmarnock Beach Boy BlueOne For SorrowAnd A Tear Isn’t Such A Bad Thing [Download]

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