The Perishers Preview – A Rare Dose Of Swedish Indie Rock

Not specializing in indie rock makes it hard for me to write intelligently about a band like The Perishers. I know I Like Coldplay, The Doves and some of what Keane does. I guess it’s an update on the music I loved as a younger man (The Chameleons UK, The Smiths, the Cure, Echo And The Bunneymen etc).
Anyway I would describe The Perishers as kind of low-key epic. Their songs build and swirl until reaching either an exciting finale or just as often fading away. Their new record Let There Be Morning is going to see the light of day on Nettwerk Records in the US in April 2005. It seems like the single will be a song called “Sway”, while the two best songs seem to be “Weekends” and a duet called “Pills”.


Right click and save as the song title and .mp3

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