Who Or What Is Pink Nasty?!

I guess it’s the nom de plum (is that even a phrase?) of Sara Beck; a Kansan who is trying to make sense of her humble existence through music. This is bar room, juke joint, good old southern fried country. It’s the country they used to sing and write before they ruined country.
good pink photo
I’ve only got one song to sample from her 2004 release Mule School and it seems like it’s her anthem, “What The Fuck” . You can order Mule School directly from Pink for a measly $10 at her website, in fact you get a bonus disc as well with demos and outakes.

What The Fuck [Download]

There’s more music on the website including an interesting selection of covers including her song from the recent Will Oldham tribute. Here they are:

Over You (Lou Reed)Valentine’s Day (Will Oldham)I’m On Fire (Bruce Springstreen)It Takes A Lot To Laugh (Bob Dylan)Is this It [Download]
(Live) (The Strokes)

Sssnake [Download]
(Demo From Mule School)

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  1. Andy says:

    Nice. This kind of country I can handle.