Did Anyone Else Love the Rugburns?

I did and I’ve enjoyed Steve Poltz solo work as well. Steve’s last record is called Chinese Vaction and while it came out in 2003 I’m sure it’s not too late to revisit one of my favorite artists. Stevce Poltz’s website is set up as a blog with entries every couple of days including postings of his newest songs which are very rough drafts. Reminds me of They Might Be Giants’ Dial-A-Song thing although much more interactive with many people commenting on the songs.
Needless to say Steve was the lead singer/writer for The Rugburns who put out some great records out on Mercury back in the day. Somehow he seems to have kept the rights to these records and he’s posted some mp3′s from these releases. Steve’s new music continues in a similar vein with witty, clever, downright hilarious songs interspersed with songs that convey deep feelings (sounds so SNL but it’s true). Click here to buy any of these records. First up are two songs from Chinese Vacation:

Friendly FireChinese Vacation [Download]

From Steve Poltz’s One Left Shoe

Silver LiningBeautiful Day [Download]

From The Rugburns Morning Wood

Single LifeHitchhiker Joe [Download]

Newest songs from Steve Poltz’s blog

The Boy Needs A New HeadMix It Up [Download]

3 Responses to “Did Anyone Else Love the Rugburns?”

  1. escapegrace says:

    Wow. I read your question about whether anyone else loved the Rugburns and it rattled around in my head, vaguely stirring up all kinds of memories, until I remembered I DID used to love the Rugburns. I used to see them at Club Lingerie in LA back in the mid-’90s. Thanks for taking me back.

  2. licksquidink says:

    The Rugburns were a festering pimple on the smelly butt of the hybrid grunge-folk commercial pop culture monster that has unfortunately metastisized into the cancerous ogre that we currently know as youth-based reality. Somewhere between Frank Zappa, early Tom Waits, and the Red Hot Chile Peppers (ie.”Californication”) lies the Rugburns, and that’s some pretty good company.

  3. chlamydia lemon says:

    I loved the rugburns with a passion that should only be reserved for human beings I’ve met, slept with, or given birth to.
    they make me squee with delight just thinking about them.