Everybody’s heard of Emiliana Torrini but me!? (April 26) (Dreamy folk pop pt.2)

Turns out she had a hit with “Gollum’s Song” on the Lord Of The Ring’s soundtrack, sang with Thievery Corporation, wrote a hit song for Kylie Minogue and put out an amazing solo debut record. Now Rough Trade is readying her sophmore record called Fisherman’s Woman due out on April 26. While I didn’t hear her first one, I take it that it featured deep bass lines and trip hoppy beats. Clearly then Fisherman’s Woman will be a fairly large departure, her fans at Amazon.com who bought the import of this record were not dissapointed, just so you know.
I guess this record harkens back to a simpler time and place for Emiliana. Perhaps her Iclandic homeland. With a beautiful voice, perfect almost delicate musical accompaniement and great songs Emiliana Torrini’s Fisherman’s Woman deserves to be heard. The single seems to be the song “Sunny Road” linked to below, check `em all out and then click here to preorder.
Right click and save as song title and .mp3
Nothing Brings Me Down
Sunny Road
Honeymoon Child

2 Responses to “Everybody’s heard of Emiliana Torrini but me!? (April 26) (Dreamy folk pop pt.2)”

  1. zalm says:

    mercy. these are gorgeous tracks, craig. thanks for posting them. this album goes to the top of my preorder pile.

  2. alicia says:

    Your music (Emilianna Torrini) is so eautiful and touching it gives me a sense of awe when i listen to it I can honestly say it stops me in my tracks and touches me inside. That song to be free really you dont no how many people you touch from singing from your heart. Keep making that beautiful music i dont do this fan amil stuff but i thought it very neccesarry to tell you how your music touches me. you shoukd put it on my space so more people can be atsonished Thankyou!!! alicia