Jaymay – Singer/Songwriter Discovered!

It’s fun to discover a new artist. One that hasn’t been blogged about ad nauseum. Someone who’s got their whole career in front of them. That person is Jaymay. I could tell you all about her upbringing and how she got to where she is today…but that’s not important; it’s the music that counts.

Jaymay is a singer-songwriter with a crystal clear voice who sounds like she’s found the secret to mixing folk, cabaret, and jazz (a new trend – Sylvie Lewis and Norah Jones also). If you live in and around NYC you’re lucky, JayMay will be performing at The Living Room on Mondays in May.

Three songs are available online with nothing yet available to purchase, so just sit back and relax (unless you’re a label type then get on the horn to your superiors).

Color Confused [Download]
(From an upcoming EP)

What Happened [Download]

Tragedy [Download]

2 Responses to “Jaymay – Singer/Songwriter Discovered!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    its jaymay no cap M

  2. LinnTate says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while now, Craig, but you’ve really outdone yourself. Jaymay is a real find and I’m grateful to know about her.

    Here’s hoping the EP is out sooner rather than later.