Li’l Cap’n Travis from Glurp Records (plus The Only Children)

Well I wrote this great post last night which was eaten by blogger, so now I will start all over again with Li’l Cap’n Travis on Glurp Records. Li’l Cap’n is the name of a band not a person and on the Glurp website they’re described as playing a woozy kind of twang. I’ve only got one song to go on from their most recent cd In All Their Splendor but instead of comparing them to Neil Young, Pavement or The Beach Boys (all named on their site) I hear Souled American.
The band members have spent years in Austin honing their craft in countless country, folk, gospel and indie rock bands but together as Li’l Cap’n Travis they may have found their sound and their true calling. Here’s “Steady As She Goes” from 2004′s In All Their Splendor.

Steady As She Goes [Download]

Bonus music from an upcoming Glurp release by The Only Children (formerly The Anniversary). Here’s “The Girl with The Golden Hair” from Change Of Living.

The Girl With The Golden Hair [Download]

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2 Responses to “Li’l Cap’n Travis from Glurp Records (plus The Only Children)”

  1. amangler says:

    There’s a good live in-studio performance of LCT on KCRW. You can get it here:


  2. Craig says:

    thanks i’ll check that out