Silver Saddle – Another Swedish Americana Band – Is That Even Possible?

More Americana music from other parts of the world. This time Sweden. I read the other day that musicians in Sweden until recently were able to apply to the government for a grant to make their music. Some think this is why the Swedish scene is so diverse and successful. With privatization and a global economy (re. American economy) that prcatice is now halted. Ironic then that musicians from Sweden have embraced this pecualiarly American music form.
Released in 2004 Silver Saddle‘s Four Miles From Here was a worldwide debut of sorts for the band as they at last had international distribution. In the US you can pick up Silver Saddle at Miles Of Music. It’s truly amazing that this band makes such beautiful American music. Here’s three songs from Four Miles From Here:

Dusty LineRadio SongReason To Believe [Download]

2 Responses to “Silver Saddle – Another Swedish Americana Band – Is That Even Possible?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, its good to see the Swedes mimic a genre that’s been defunct for the last decade!

  2. Craig says:

    I’m biased but I think the genre has had an excellent decade. Starting with the Jayhawks, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett and Dwight Yoakum and going through Uncle Tupelo, Sun Volt, Lucinda Williams, Rodney Crowell and all the artists in between. Mind you the sales don’t rival the individual “it” bands of the moment but as these Americana artists continue to create works that stand up over time they will create a longer lasting and more important portfolio than your MIA’s, Arcade Fire’s, Bloc Party’s, Louis IX’s or whomever).