Wayne Omaha (Fountains of Wayne, Mutual of Omaha?…no, just plain Wayne Omaha)

Any band using a recorder type intrument, let alone a virtual symphony of recorders, gets my vote (much like Pianosaurus got my support for their all toy instrument band). That this eclectic and humorous band makes exciting and at times beautiful music is a big plus. In fact if I’m not careful Wayne Omaha could surpass Ox as my favorite Canadian band. Their new record Let It Mellow is not available through Amazon so I’m having trouble finding the release date for this one, but figure late 2004 early 2005.
Their bio names all the usual suspects as influencers and shapers of their sound (they’re right on with VU, Yo La Tengo and Neil Young). So I don’t know what to say beyond that; if you want to buy this I’d start out at the Wayne Omaha website.

It’s AlrightMoonlightA Girl Named Lee [Download]

2 Responses to “Wayne Omaha (Fountains of Wayne, Mutual of Omaha?…no, just plain Wayne Omaha)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Craig,
    Thanks for the kind comments, man.
    Beauty on,
    Yawd Sylvester (Wayne Omaha)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know this post was last commented on months ago but I just saw these guys open for Elliot Brood at the Horseshoe and they were amazing in every respect. There was little more you could ask for from a live show.
    Having immediately picked up their album, I’m also pleased to say that there is absolutely no post-live show dissapointment (you know when you see a good concert and then put the album in and it sounds considerably worse? Definitely not the case here).
    Anyways, I’m writing on the off chance that anyone might have some sort of information on any shows coming up in the near future. The website doesn’t seem to say anything.
    In conclusion, check them out if you haven’t!

    Ross McIntyre