And now back to Lawrence with Ghosty

All local scenes are incestuous in one way or another. I came across Lawrence’s Ghosty because their drummer went on to form the alt-countryish OK Jones who I wrote about yesterday. Ghosty is an entirely different creation with overtones of XTC, Big Star and the paisley underground scene in LA during the 80′s. The lead vocalist’s high pitched voice and stop and go delivery are appealing.
Ghosty have a couple EP’s available and are preparing a full length release. Titled Grow Up Or Sleep In they expect a spring 2005 release date. Keep an eye out it may be one of the surprises of the spring. Here’s a couple from Ghosty.

Big SurrenderFive Short MinutesClouds Solve It [Download]
**Standout Track**

3 Responses to “And now back to Lawrence with Ghosty”

  1. Bryce says:

    “Clouds Solve It” links to “Five Short Minutes”.

  2. Craig says:

    ok fixed

  3. Anonymous says:

    no way big surrender is the standout track.

    when are they touring?