Bonus Non-LP song from the Zulus (off a cassette no less!)

I tell you what, I don’t get a lot of comments on either of my blogs (Songs:Illinois or Swedesplease) but I don’t take it persoanally as that’s the way it is with mp3 blogs. I especially don’t like bloggers who plead for comments threatening to stop posting unless people care enough to comment. So this is not the start of a plea for more comments. It’s just the preamble to my point that the comments I do get are so great! Here’s one I just got last night but on a post I did months ago on the seminal Boston group The Zulus. Click here for the original post and the six songs from their debut EP.

A reader writes:

“I lived in Boston in the ’80′s. Heard the Zulus a lot on college radio back then (WMBR – MIT’s station, specifically). Caught them live once at The Rat; pretty wild show as I recall.

Anyway, I still have the cassette of “The Zulus”. Did you know that it contains a “Bonus Non-LP Track”? It’s called “Out Out” and is the last song on the tape. Very good stuff – they really ramp up the chaos level on this one.”
Right click and save as song title and .mp3
Out Out

5 Responses to “Bonus Non-LP song from the Zulus (off a cassette no less!)”

  1. Tom says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually sat “bolt upright” before, but I did when I saw The Zulus in the post title. I really want to thank you for bringing that EP to my attention, as it is now one of my favourite albums. Unfortunately their full length album “Down on the Floor” doesn’t come close to the quality of the EP, a fact which greatly saddened me. Still, Out Out is pretty good, I just wish I could say the same for Down on the floor

    PS. Thanks for the Anais Mitchell a while ago too, it got me onto the Waterbug label, which is pretty good.

    PPS. Check out Regina Spektor if you haven’t already. Soviet Kitsch is one of the best albums I have heard in the last couple of years.

  2. Craig says:

    I agree about “down on the floor but there are a couple of good songs I might have to link to in the near future

    I’ll check out regina thanks for the tip

  3. countrygrrl says:

    hey I know what you mean about blogging and the waiting to see if anyone out there agrees/disagrees or is just registering a pulse… i guess i have to admit i get a real buzz if someone posts a comment..even if it was about my spelling..sad but true…it made me a better person for the day. I love your blog by the way, i’m in the garden listening to Toby Keith Mexico drinking copious gallons of rose and blogging away. My battery ran out so have linked up the garden lights to the laptop so I can keep on line. Keep blogging and i will always check in.

  4. howard says:

    Hi Craig,

    Just a quick comment to say i’m still out here reading your posts and enjoying them.


  5. mike says:

    for however long the powers that be allow this thing to live:
    My Zulus tribute..