Bosque Brown/Mara Lee Miller

Ok this is confusing, pay attention. Bosque Brown is Mara Lee Miller. She’s from Texas and was discovered by Damien Jurado when her husband handed him her homemade demo tapes. Those demo tapes have been rerecorded as her debut release on Philadelphia’s Burnt Toast Records- Bosque Brown Plays Mara Lee Miller.

Mara’s identity crisis is our gain though. These songs hit home just like those by some of her heroes (Townes, John Prine and Guy Clark). While simple, songs like “Still Afraid” and “Red Roses” get to the heart of the matter and the choice of lyrics sung by her heartbroken voice is powerfull stuff. The music is scratchy lofi alt-country. The new record came out April 19 and you can order it here now.


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Still AfraidRed Roses [Download]
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2 Responses to “Bosque Brown/Mara Lee Miller”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Craig — just thought you’d want to know that you’re such a tastemaker that you managed to crash Bosque Brown’s web site — temporarily exceeding her bandwith.

    Unfortunately before I got to hear the songs. Oh well. With luck she’ll be back up soon.

    — Mindy B

  2. Craig says:

    I found another location that had “still afraid” so I downloaded it and hosted it myself