I Can’t Resist A Kimya Dawson Post Any Longer.

Who is Kimya Dawson you ask? I have no idea. Never heard of her before last week. However in the last seven days I’ve stumbled upon her name at least a dozen times. As one of the leaders and founders of antifolk (that’s like being the president of the anarchists btw) Kimya has amassed a veitable underground dollar store of merchandise from cds (3 so far) to books, hats bags and t’s). Her newest record (Hidden Vagenda) is on the always in fasion K Recs and can be purchased from them here.
I have no songs at the moment from the new record (but if K Recs or Kimya are listening – get `em in the mail) but there are plenty of tasty morsels on her very diy website. The first is co-written by Kimya and a tenth grader named M.J. about the Tsunami and is called “12/26″ (warning heavy but impressive).

12/26 (for more info about Tsunami relief click here or to learn about M.J.’s sister and the Love, Hallie Foundation click here)I Like GiantsParade [Download]

5 Responses to “I Can’t Resist A Kimya Dawson Post Any Longer.”

  1. Cincinnati Grrl says:

    hey.. kimya was in the moldy peaches. you should visit her on myspace. she updates frequently blogs etc. peace.

  2. Craig says:

    i don’t think I would like moldy peaches, i have the new adam green record and it doesn’t do it for me but thanks for the myspace tip

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I first heard these tracks when I was playing around with hype.non-standard.net – SO GOOD! I cant stop listening to these!

    Thanks for the archive.org link, dubi.


  4. chris says:

    12/26 is such a beautiful song.

    i think i prefer the live version without the other voice on the chorus, because kimya’s sparse, childlike voice works particularly well here…

    it’s a tearjerker moment in her live shows (i saw her tonight and she seemed genuinely upset about New Orleans and how the Bush government proved her wrong, since it treated the Louisianans as callously as the tsunami victims).