Michael Shelley – Goodbye cheater

Michael Shelley comes from NYC but it seems like he’s been spent more time hanging around at Maxwells in Hoboken buring the 90′s. His songs, vocals and music all are reminiscent of the Richard Barone, db’s, feelies, chris stamey, continental drifters and on and on. In a word (or two) – perfect pop.

Goodbye Cheaters is out now on his own label (where he also releases Shonen Knife among others). Not a lot of special guests on here, although the second song I selected to feature is a duet with Laura Cantrell. Click here to buy Goodbye Cheater.

We Invented Love
I’ve Been Trying
Goodbye Cheater

As a bonus and in anticipation of her new release on Matador here’s a couple rare or outake mp3′s from Laura Cantrell (including her cover of Elvis Costello’s “Indoor Fireworks”)

Indoor FireworksNew Years Resolution [Download]

2 Responses to “Michael Shelley – Goodbye cheater”

  1. countrygrrl says:

    yikes laura sounds a tad strained on this fireworks tracks…maybe should have taken the key down a notch or two…i reckon emmylou would have made this in heaven…sorry this doesn’t ring my lunchbox…otherwise fab choices as usual

  2. jack winderberry says:

    cool!! michael shelley. this album is real country, not my favorite cup of tea, but still has some good ‘uns on there.