The Great Unknowns – Unknown No More! (For fans of Gina Villalobos, Kathleen Edwards and Lucinda Williams)

The Great Unknowns are a Boston area band making music unlike what you might expect from that frigid city of champions (Pats, BoSox). A few weeks ago I wrote about Rose Polenzani and how she continued to pop up in my web trawling. Well here she is again this time acting as an A&R rep by playing The Great Unknowns for her record label, Amy Ray’s Daemon Records.

The label was impressed and signed them to a distribution deal within the week in late `04. The record is Presenting…The Great Unknowns and it has been growing ever since. Amy Ray and The Indigo Girls came to the bands aid again by signing them up as an opening act. Now that they’ve got the kick start any band would dream about let’s see if the Great Unknowns will have to change their name to the Incredible Knowns. Here’s three tracks from their debut.

When I Was Your GirlAbileneRound Hill [Download]

One Response to “The Great Unknowns – Unknown No More! (For fans of Gina Villalobos, Kathleen Edwards and Lucinda Williams)”

  1. unknownaltay says:

    Thanks for checking out the music and for the plug, Craig! Noticed we were getting some web traffic from your blog, so I thought I’d stop by.

    Rose and Amy have indeed given us quite a kickstart. We’re pretty absurdly lucky as bands go, and it’s all been just amazing so far. We sure never expected that people would be writing about us on their blogs…

    I dug up your post on Rose… just bought that Session Americana record the other week! Those guys are great. They play every Sunday at Toad here in Cambridge, MA, and Rose and other guests often sit in. I’d recommend it if anyone’s ever in the area. There’s a nice little Americana music scene around here, inexplicably.

    You know, I haven’t heard Gina Villalobos… I’ll definitely check her out. Thanks for the tip. And thanks again for listening.


    The Great Unknowns