Band of Horses (more from Sub Pop-their next "big" star)

I discovered Band Of Horses poking around Sub Pop’s website researching for the Fruit Bat’s post. Band of Horses is Sub Pop’s most recent signing. I’m not sure when their record will come out on Sub Pop (but maybe sometime this year). Horses share the new Sub Pop sound; that of the folk/country/psychadelia of Iron and Wine, Hopolaw, Fruit Bats, Rosie Thomas etc.
The band has put 4 demos up on their site and if these songs get the full production treatment and a strong marketing effort than we all might be adding Band of Horses to our 2005 best of lists.

MonstersFuneralPart 2 SongBass Song [Download]

6 Responses to “Band of Horses (more from Sub Pop-their next "big" star)”

  1. Magic Goblin says:

    just found these guys as i’m seeing iron & wine and they are opening… i love the 4 tracks they have on their site. great stuff. reminds me of a sort of country Sparklehorse or something.

  2. Anonymous says:

    band of horses rule..i just saw them with iron and wine last saturday and i’ve been listening to their demo cd nonstop..definitely support them.

  3. jason says:

    yeah i just saw iron and wine sunday and band of horses was awesome, picked up their tour ep

    found this blog searching for band of horses lyrics…anyone know where to get them?

  4. 10ish says:

    i dont think their lyrics are available yet since their album ‘everything all the time’ is not out yet. (dated in march).

    i figured out this cos i was tryna find their lyrics too! lol

  5. Ryan says:

    Some lyrics, not sure how authentic they are, but…

    These guys rock!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Heard the Funeral on Sirius today and am hooked, great music and I will definately see you play in Chicago on July 29th!